Maca Mocha Coffee

Mocha maca soluble instant coffee-herbal mix dissolves in milk/water

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Mocha Coffee with Maca Extract

Organic Arabica Coffee + Organic Sugar + cocoa powder
+ Non-dairy cream +Organic Maca Extract

Part of Used: Root
Active ingredients: Macamides

Specification: Macamides 60%, 10:1TLC, 4:1TLC
Appearance:Light yellow fine powder

Maca Coffee Formula 

All herbal Maca coffee 
formulas are for Male Enhancement

Ginseng Extract Blends

Maca extract, Tongkat Ali extract, Ginseng extract, 
Epimedium extract, Organic Mocha Coffee

Ganoderma Extract Blends

Maca extract, Ganoderma extract, Oyster extract
Tuber onion seed extract, Organic Mocha Coffee

Cordyceps Extract  Blends

Maca extract, Holothurian collagen peptide,
Cordyceps extract, L-Arginine, Organic Mocha Coffee


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Maca Flavored Coffee  

Consistency in Every Cup
Free trial order 50-100g

Those Flavors are based on the inquiry data statistics
If you need other flavors

Maca Coffee Package Show  

Different Type of Outer Package 
Specification:10-30 sachet/box(bag or Tin)

3-20 g/sachet

All package shall be designed according to your demand 
BENEFIT: Free charge of brand & logo design

Private Label Discuss-MOQ

BENEFIT: Low budget to start your own brand
Contact us to ask for more details

Maca Coffee OEM Process

Maca Coffee Order Process


Functions, Flavors, 


5.Balance payment
Shipment will be arranged 
after balance payment received
2.Down payment 30%
Starting order once 
payment received

6. Shipping
3-5 days for air shipping
18-30 days for sea shipping 
Under 100kg suggest by express
Free charge of design

We will service better for you 
with your review and suggestion
5-20 working days
(Sachets:12-15working days
Boxes:5-8 working days)

8.After-Sales Service
Marketing, product improvement,
priority of new product etc.



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Maca Mocha Coffee
Maca Mocha Coffee

Mocha maca soluble instant coffee-herbal mix dissolves in milk/water

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