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About us

Release time:2017-01-18  

Taste Life & Feel Balance

Lifeworth Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a global professional herbal coffee&tea manufacturer since 2008 and mainly involved in private label coffee and tea OEM services, specializing in premixed coffee and tea blends. After years of hard works, Lifeworth has risen to become one of the largest premixed coffee and tea blends  manufacturer in China!

 Till now, we have more than 50 kinds of herbal coffee, such as ganoderma coffee, cordyceps coffee, chaga coffee, lion’s mane coffee, acai berry coffee, raspberry coffee, garcinia cambogia coffee, maca coffee, tongkat ali coffee and ginseng coffee, etc. All can be blended with the premium tastes of coffee such as black coffee, white coffee, ice coffee, cappuccino coffee, latte coffee, 3 in 1 coffee, mocha coffee, etc.


 We have over 50 kinds of herbal tea such as ganoderma tea, cordyceps tea, chaga tea, goji tea, dandelion tea, ginger tea, ginseng tea, maca tea, tongkat ali tea, etc. All can be blended with premium taste of tea such as black tea, white tea, dark tea, green tea, ice tea, yellow tea, fruit tea, flower tea, etc.

Lifeworth biotechnology Co. Ltd. has a complete R&D team, and with the technical guidance provided by the domestic and foreign professional R&D team, it always maintains a high quality and continues to develop the new from the old in the ever-changing times, in order to create products of better quality that meet the consumer needs.


      In term of product research and development, Lifeworth biotechnology Co. Ltd. is in line with the idea of the pursuit of health by modern people, combined with a nutritional function, to provide a new recipe for the healthy life style of the modern people.

When manufacturing each product, Lifeworth biotechnology Co. Ltd. will conduct microbiological test, quality test and chemical analysis for the product, from the control of raw materials to the manufacturing of products, Lifeworth always adheres to the modern and strict control. Lifeworth expands its products in the international market and gives consumers a guarantee on the food safety and health.

Lifeworth is fully equiped with modern equipment under hygenic environment to cater for the needs and expectation of manufacturers, traders and network marketing organization. And the equipments of high production capacity are capable to handle the demands for quality packaging standards and product volume.

Lifeworth biotechnology Co. Ltd. is well-known in the manufacture of premixed coffee as well as the tea blends, many foreign companies from U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Indonesia and Philippines have been attracted by its reputation, and is ready to provide high quality and customized products and services to every client.


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