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Can I Have My Own Exclusive Formula?

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Lifeworth extensive line of products is available with private label services.In order to help our customer enlarge their market,the formula customized are available. Our professional team will offer you veteran advice and consultation to take your product to the next level according to your feedback.


Here show you some of our formula :


FDA formula

➢Male enhancing:Epimedium+Red ginseng+Maca+Okra

➢Slimming:Guarana+Ganoserma+Glucomannan+White kidney bean+L-Carnitine


➤TGA formula

➢Slimming:Acai berry+Green tea+Green coffee bean+Garcinia Cambogia+African mango

➢Male enhancing:Tongkat Ali+Maca+Red ginseng


➤Exclusive formula


➢Slimming:Acai berry+Green tea+Resveratrol+Garcinia Cambogia+Ganoderma

➢Male enhancing:Ganoderma+Cordyceps+Tuber Onion Seed+L-Arginine



Skinny & relaxing formula

➢Skinny:Royal Jelly Powder+Coenzyme Q-10+Collagen+Omega3+Grape Seed

➢Relaxing:Ganoderma+Cordyceps+Vitamin A+Amino acid+Vitamin C


You may like to know other materials

100% natural organic herbal material-coffee

Main additional herbal material-Collagen

Main additional herbal material-Cordyceps extract

Main additional herbal material-Ginseng

Main additional herbal material-Maca


If want to know more about the herbal information,please kindly contact us

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