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Welcome to Lifeworth
Lifeworth brings the goodness of nature to your lifestyle. We understand emerging health needs and strive to bring in products which are tasty, healthy and rejuvenating.
What are the benefits
Lifeworth products are made from 100% natural herbal extract. All our products contain 0% transfat,rich in anti-oxidants & anti- aging properties.Regular consumption of our products improves metabolism and enhances immunity.
make all the difference
  • Aids in Weightloss
    Aids in Weightloss
    Improve metabolism
  • Skin Care
    Skin Care
    Anti-Aging & Anti-Oxidant
  • Boosts Immunity
    Boosts Immunity
    Prevent Diseases
  • Men Health
    Men Health
    Boost Energy & Male Enhancement
  • Sleep Improving
    Sleep Improving
    Help Improve Sleep Quality
  • Joint Support
    Joint Support
    Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain
Our Story
Shenzhen Lifeworth Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a global professional health care natural instant drink manufacturer since 2008. We focus on researching high levels of various nutrition formulas that can fit any tastes, and have several flavored options to further entice your taste buds including instant coffee, blend tea bag, instant tea, collagen, energy drink, probiotics, milk shake, protein etc. We have served more than 50 product lines for more than 100 nations customers used in nutraceutical, food and beverage industries. We’re the leading private label natural instant drink company offering package services for brands of any size — whether you’re a craft or national brand, retail chain, local beverage shop, or e-commerce entrepreneur. All our healthy food are under operation by GMP & FDA standard. There are various certificates available, like FDA, ECO/FREE SALE, COA etc. Our mission is to reach Life Worth by helping people find the secret of body needs, meantime enjoy healthy and easy life through our exclusive product nutrition formula.
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