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Thank you for your interested in Lifeworth products.Should you have any questions, comments or may use the form below to sent us a message.Afterwards,a member or our staff will be in contact with you shortly.
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Who we are
Shenzhen Lifeworth Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a global professional health care instant drink manufacturer since 2008.
What about our value
While we’ve grown and evolved over the past 11 years, we remain true to our guiding principle: Promise product safety;Innovate effective formula;

Keep body balance;Enrich life value.

Our mission

We seek out environmentally raw materials producers with a commitment to worker wellbeing.

Our full line of fragrant and flavorful instant drink offers something for everyone.

Our mission is Invite 50 millions of people taste lifeworth premium healthy instant drink.

Our vision
Lifeworth was founded with the goal of delivering amazing healthy drinking in cool environments, and with remarkable service. Our independent spirit and passionate desire to “keep it real” will help the company acheive our vision-growing into a globally-recognised leader in the ethical herbal & health care instant drink industry.
How we source
The foundation of our responsible sourcing model is our network of long-term, direct partnerships with raw materials producers around the world. Our small team of buyers travels the globe to cultivate and maintain these important relationships.
Our product
We focus on researching high levels of various nutrition formulas of natural instant drink that can fit any tastes, and have several flavored options to further entice your taste buds, which can be blended well with organic herbal extract. We have served more than 50 product lines (such as Energy drink, Probiotics, Protein drink, Slimming drink, Milk shake, Male health drink,Skin care drink etc.)for more than 100 nations customers used in nutraceutical, food and beverage industries.
Our service
We’re the leading private label instant drink company offering package services for brands of any size — whether you’re a craft or national brand, retail chain, local beverage shop, or e-commerce entrepreneur.We manufacture superior quality products for growing brands.

If you’re passionate about coffee,tea,energy drink or other fantastic natural instant drink and looking for a company that believes in the value of quality and excellent customer service, then you should join the team at Lifeworth.

Read us
For more info, you can call or email us.For any other questions feel free to call us at +86-18676369518 or email us at Contact Us
  1. 1.Can I have my own exclusive formula?
    Lifeworth extensive line of products is available with private label services.In order to help our customer enlarge their market,the formula customized are available. Our professional team will offer you veteran advice and consultation to take your product to the next level according to your feedback.
  2. 2.How long will an order cost?

    3~7 working days for bulk product production;

    5 days for box printed;12 days for sachet printed.

  3. 3.Is it organic?
    Yes,we are able to guarantee that most of the raw materials we source from are “Certified Organic.”
  4. 4.What kind of instant drink you offer?
    There are different function instant drink available:skinny detox drink,skin care drink, male enhancement drink,Probiotics, enzymes,dietary fiber etc.
  5. 5.Which kind of payment can be accepted?
  6. 6.What about the MOQ OF wholesale bulk order?
    We can accept small MOQ.More details please check our wholesale INFO.
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