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What is Ketogenic Diet?
Published April 16,2024

When we talk about epilepsy and lose weight, many people may think of a ketogenic diet. So what is the ketogenic diet and what kind of role?Here we will lead everyone to understand this problem

Let’s take a look at 4 questions to explore the ketogenic diet.

1. What is the mechanism of action of the ketogenic diet?

2. How to make the ketogenic diet easier and safer?

3. What kind of person is suitable for ketogenic diet?

4. In addition to epilepsy, can the ketogenic diet be applied to other diseases?

(1) What is the mechanism of action of the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is a dietary combination of high fat, low carbohydrates and moderate amounts of protein. It transforms the body's main energy metabolism from the use of glucose to the use of fat, then through the metabolism of the liver to produce ketone bodies, which serves as a source of energy for the brain to control seizures. So why does the ketogenic diet become a popular way to lose weight? Because the ketogenic diet changes the energy consumption way  of your body. The body will give priority to using glucose as a source of energy. But when we start the ketogenic diet and reduce the intake of carbohydrates, the body begins to break down the body fat into fatty acids. At this time, fat will be a source of energy for the body and produce ketone bodies that provide energy to our brains. This is why people use the ketogenic diet to lose weight and use it to treat epilepsy. Professor Kossoff pointed out that the ketogenic diet is mainly used for the treatment of epilepticus because of its rapid effect. There is no drug interaction. it can be quickly infused through the stomach tube. The ketogenic diet can also be used to treat adult epilepsy. To date, more than 300 people have been treated at the Adult Epilepsy Diet Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and about 20% of them have been treated with a ketogenic diet. The overall effect is good.ketogenic treatment for 3 months, about 20% can completely control the seizure, 20-30% seizure reduced by 50-90%. However, the problems to be solved in adult use include how to increase compliance, the consequences of elevated blood lipid levels in adults, and whether pregnant women are safe to use.

(2) How to make the ketogenic diet easier and safer?

Usually our normal diet is 65% carbohydrate, but ketogenic to ensure more than 70% fat intake, but less than 5% carbohydrate intake. What kind of problems we should pay attention to in the ketogenic diet? Making our ketogenic diet easier and safer. First, during the ketogenic/low-carbon water diet, it is necessary to ensure daily drinking water at least 1500mL or more, preferably more than 2000mL per day. This is mainly because on the one hand, the oxidation of the ketone body will consume the body water. On the other hand, the urination is accelerated by a large amount of drinking water.And the concentration of the ketone in the urine is reduced to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. In addition, drinking more water can also effectively improve the constipation caused by increased fat. Second, although the keto/low-carbon diet advocates “feeding with fat”  in principle, but many people misunderstand it as “feeding meat” in practice and increase the supply of meat in food. This is very dangerous. Because meat contains a lot of fat, but it also contains a lot of protein.Such a high-protein diet will put a lot of pressure on the kidneys, and even lead to kidney dysfunction, so be sure to pay attention not only to reduce carbohydrates, but also to control diet. The amount of increase in fresh green vegetables to improve the volumetric approval of food. Third, the use of ketogenic / low-carbon diet to lose weight should pay attention to not be able to put all the hope of weight loss on the basis of separate diet control.You need to know that diet or drugs to lose weight not only reduce body fat, while the body muscles will also decrease. Therefore, while adopting the ketogenic/low-carbon diet, it is also necessary to cooperate with aerobic exercise and impedance exercise to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. Thereby promoting the protein in the food to be converted into muscle by the use of the body.

(3) What kind of person is suitable for ketogenic diet?

First check your body for any diseases, and follow the doctor's advice on whether you can get a ketone diet. Don't make a bet on your health.You can start ketogenic If you have confirmed that there is no problem with your health.It is clear that not everyone is suitable for ketogenic diet. Some people have more powerful treatment of carbon water. This is determined by your genes, just like some people drink coffee. Insomnia at night, but some people have no effect. In particular, liver function is impaired, people with gallbladder disease, impaired bowel function, pancreatic function, kidney disease, high blood pressure, etc. are not suitable for keto diet. If you have other diseases, ask your doctor if you can take a ketogenic diet.

* Refractory Child Epilepsy: For patients with refractory epilepsy of all types of seizures of all ages. The most effective epilepsy syndromes are: severe infant myoclonic epilepsy, myoclonic dementia epilepsy.

*Glucose transporter deficiency syndrome: Glucose can not enter the brain, leading to seizures, stunting, and complex dyskinesias.

*Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency: Pyruvate cannot be metabolized or acetyl-COA causes severe developmental disorders and lactic acidosis.

* A healthy person who wants to lose weight through ketogenics. Except for liver and kidney damage

(4) In addition to epilepsy, can the ketogenic diet be applied to other diseases?

Professor Kossoff pointed out that in addition to epilepsy, studies have also reported that ketogenic diet can treat autism, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors and other neurological diseases.Although the current evidence for the ketogenic diet for the treatment of other neurological diseases is increasing but not sufficient.Clinical trials are continuing and encouraged by the consensus working group.

Thank you for reading our article,hope that it is useful for you.About the keto diet,we will continue to update the information.If you are interested in keto diet,and want to try to some keto diet product,please kindly contact us.

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