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Probiotics-A New Vision for Human Health 2
Published April 16,2024

Continued from last issue -A New Vision for Human Health.Certainly ,some supplies with probiotics are useful for health .But ,some tests have found out some sections off-test product recently . There are dead bacteria remaining in many products ,and labels are sticked falsely on some products . Some deadly bacteria are even included in some products ! Then how do you know what kinds of products you should buy ,and which one you can’t.
It’s to be sure ,some else products in the market can also provide many active probiotics ,which is in need when you or your family fight against diseases .I have discussed the idea behind these products ,including the types of probiotics .(Because what kinds of probiotics you choose will straightly influence the fighting result .)and their survival activity .(or rather ,the activity when you buy them.) 

Humenbeings are suffering threat of Global terrism ,especially the threat from potencial biological attack ,so it’s a great relief to find the beneficial bacteria to against the harmful ones .It’s verified that probiotics cantriumph over some frightening bacteria, such as bacillus and bacillus anthracis .They can defeat invaders quantitatively ,then drive them away from our bodies . 
Doctor Harry Pulis ,a professi=or of Georgetown University,who specializes in physiology,pharmacology ,pathology,and he is the authority in the field of nurtriology .It’s worth pointing out ,he have held counsel with many enterprises and institutions,such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals Company ,Alneit Health Technology Company  and Interges Nutrition and Health Centre . It contains natural instincts of probiotics and present cognition of probiotics .When it comes to the trend of probiotics ,doctor Pulis points out his owe perspective : 
In the field of nutrition supply ,the opinion of using probiotics is still staying in infancy .With many books like <<Probiotics Are the Best Medicine >>  coming out ,social consciousness and acceptance will promote gragually .At present we are still staying in initial stage of probiotics using curve .
Here quote some standpoints from doctor Dalas and his book :
All substances go into body through intestines and stomach , instead of other organs .Therefore , probiotics and other supplies can straightly influence the health of gastrointestinal tract, and they play an important role to our body over a long period of time .The nutrition absorption is influenced in a large extent by the quantity of microbes in intestines and stomach ,and the influence will extend to the absorption ofmineral substance like autunite.But usually we can’t be aware of the function of these probiotics .
The research about probioticis is still staying at infancy,but it is expanding.And it looks as if it’s in a index way to extend.Now humanbeings realized that probiotics may influence different nerve symptoms and all kinds of deseases of yeast infection.scientists have been aware of this,what they should do now is to pass on the massage they have comprehended to the people through this kind of work which is prevailing.As a whole,we should make a place to fact,at least we should recognize that our internal expression is as important as outward expression.For example,we all know we can prescribe a medicine for the corresponding disease,which includes eczema if we can preserve proper types and quantity of probiotics.The editor of <<World of Nutrition and Health Products>>magazine ,Rebeca Madeleine has summarized the trend ogf probiotics’developmentproperly: 
In the end ,probiotics will be accept widely with the appronement of market.In the next few years,with health science literature increasing,and consumer communicationdeepening,a strong platform will be build ,and probiotics are hopeful to surmount to it.As a powerful tool to prevent and treat some diseases ,probiotics will maintain gastrointestinal tract at regular intervals.,it plays a more and more important role in the field of humanbeings’health.

If you want to know more about probiotics,please kindly continue to read our article.We will update the information.

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