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Does probiotics is helpful for the problem of cancers?(1)
Published April 16,2024

First,let’s look at the relationship between intestinal fiora and cancers.

There live 10 trillion bacteria in human being’s intestine. Among these ,some are beneficial to human beings ,and some contrarily.(such as probiotics and pathogenic bacteria) The proportion of the beneficial bacteria and humful bacteria in intestine is dynamic, and it inflects our healthy situation extremely sensitively .Also, the alteration of the beneficial bacteria and the humful ones influence our health.
Intestine bacteria are just like small chemical plants, the quantity of ferment they have is more than liver enzyme. They resolve food and internal secretion they absorb into all kinds of material, among them , including much humful macteria and substance which can lead to cancers, such as nitrosamine ,benzpyrole, phenols , secondary bile acid and so on. 

Nitrosamine Usually , amic and imine substance that intestinal bacteria product are applied to liver detoxification ,but deseases such as cirrhosis ,hepatitia , prevent liver function from working properly ,which makes the problem serious.If imine can’t detoxify completely ,it will function with nitrite in intestine , coming into carcinogen nitrosamine.     

Research has confirmed , the probability is high for people who is achlorhydria or no gastric acid . for being short of gastric acid or no gastric acid ,bacteria seize the opportunity to come , and combine amic with nitrite into nitrosamine, which is also a important cause of stomach cancer . 

Nitrosamine have great relation to carcinoma of large intestine, because intestinum crissum is one of the digest organs which exist the most bacteria,of course , the humful ones are most too, and add nitrate, coming into large quantity of nitrosamine.    

Nowadays, many vegetables and processed food includes nitrate, our ptysma and intestinal juice have many nitrates,which can be transformed into nitrite by bacteria in intestine,they canbe seen everywhere there. So ,we should pay attention to it in daily life.

Benzpyrole and phenols leading to cancers Animal protein contains more aromatic amino acids such as tryptophan , tyrosine, phenylalanine, etc,bad bacteria in intestine resolve these amino acid ,producing all kinds of benzpyrole and phenols material.   

Research has shown that, these metabolin are all carcinogen. After tryptophan is added to the feed of white mice , 100 % of mice have bladder cancer.Researchers injected indole , a metabolite of tryptophan , directly into the bladder for experiment and found that it could also cause cancer. 

Therefore, we should eat less animal food, and add vegetable protein and fiber food,not only it is beneficial for health ,but also can it leave carcinogen far away.

Secondary bile acid Harmful bacteria can also turn incretion such as digestive juice into carcinogen, such as bile secreted by liver. If you eat to much fat ,liver will secrete a lot of bile to help digest and absorb it .Harmful bacteria in the large intestine (coli, clostridium, caseate , etc.) turn bile into secondary bile acid , which contains cholic acid , deoxycholic acid and other carcinogens.

Research has shown that , people who ingest too much fat containing a lot of carcinogens in their feces .In addition to the imines mentioned above , the most annoying thing is the carcinogen contained in secondary bile acids.

Now we already know about the relationship between intestinal fiora and cancers.Let’s continue next topic-The malpractice of traditional cancer therapy. 

The most common treatments for cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, sometimes with one or multiple treatments,which depends on the doctor’s diagnosis. 

Surgery is to remove canceration site ,which may includes surrounding parts. The basic principle of surgery is to remove bad tissues and leave good ones. But the problem is that ,in many cases, some bad tissues are inadvertently left behind , while some good tissues are likely to be removed.Too much or too little removal can damage your health ,even fatal, depending on where you are sick . For example , there is little space for errors in the removal of brain tumors.    

The purpose of chemotherapy is to destroy the remaining cancer cells . It is treated for a week or even a month by controlling a highly toxic drug. Drugs used in chemotherapy , such as (5-fluorouracil ,5Fu),can kill canceer cells, but do not hurt other cells in the body .These drugs act on the DNA layer, causing obstacles to prevent cell division, which is a good way to prevent the spread of cancer cells.    

Nevertheless, there also exists some shortcomings. On the one hand ,while destroying cancer cells ,these drugs also enter healthy cells, making patients very weak, and the weakness extend depends on the number of times the patients is treated and the time of every treatment.Common side effects of chemotherapy include severe nausea,reduced nummberof healthy cells,hair loss , and so on. In addition , the success rate of chemotherapy depends to a large extent on the stage of cancer development. In other words, the later the cancer occurs, the lower the success rate of cure is. The third method is radiation therapy(or radiotherapy).In this treatment,rays are introduced into the site of cancer through blood flow or carrier molecules, (usually a protein called antibodies) .Radiation therapy is usually performed after surgery like chemotherapy ,as the second line of defense. 

Radiation therapy can’t kill cancer cells 100%, In  addition , it has a common side effect , which is that it can damage good tissue and even lead to more diseases.

There is also a relatively novel treatment for cancer : laser ablation , which can kill cancer by using lasers. There are several problems with this method .For example , it is likely that one treatment is not enough to to kill all the cancer cells ,that is to say, the treatment process needa to be repeated . It may kill too much tissue ,causing damage to the body.

We will discuss the probiotic therapy next article,please kindly check the article Does probiotics is helpful for the problem of cancers?(2)

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