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Introduction of Probiotics -A New Vision for Human Health
Published April 16,2024

Many people think that "the disease is from the mouth", in fact, this is only part of the cause of the disease.It is the incomplete truth. The complete truth is that the balance of microecology in the body keep us healthy.

There are hundreds of billions of bacteria in the human body, and the number of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria maintains the balance of human microecology. The flora balance has effects on the nutritional status, physiological functions, bacterial infections, drug effects, toxin reactions, immune responses, and aging processes of the human body. In other words, all physiological parameters of the human body are related to it. Therefore, once there is an imbalance in the human body, the disease will take advantage of it.

Reports from some medical institutions show that most people go to see a doctor because of problems in their stomach. So let's analyze what is going on in the stomach. In today's society, people eat a lot of processed food. These foods contain large amounts of harmful substances such as bleach, artificial colors and flavors. There are very few ingredients in these foods that are beneficial to the body like whole wheat, vitamins and minerals. The result is of course unbalanced – slowly, the disease will follow. Obviously, if we want to constantly protect ourselves and our family's health, we need to restore the body to this balance and restore the natural balance that we had at birth.

When the person was born, the entire physiological system was perfect. Of course, some parts are not yet fully formed, but from a life perspective, the newborn is the healthiest person on the planet.

Slowly, with the pollution of the living environment, we began to lose balance. Sometimes it loses quickly, so we get sick with diarrhea. Usually, this process is slow, but that means a more dangerous disease is approaching step by step. And we are normally not able to discover the reactions that have already begun in childhood.

Therefore, when we begin to grow older, these reactions which are caused by low-quality diets and environmental toxins begin to manifest. And the body will suffer from various diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and alzheimer's disease.  For example,It shows an increasing trend of  type 2 diabetes in adolescents. The risk of autism has also increased rapidly over the past 10 years. This disease was very rare among children in the past, probably a ratio of 1/10000. But now, one out of 200 children is autistic. This change is really comes down to the fact that the body has lost its balance

If without any interference, the enemy will eventually win the battle, or even the entire war. Your life & the life of everyone you love will be in danger. But don't be afraid. You also have the last weapon in your hand which is the best medicine-probiotic.It will teach you how to fight.

Just as artillery fights with gunpowder. you can use beneficial bacteria to fight harmful bacteria. Those good bacteria are called probiotics and naturally exist in the human body. Probiotics are your friends, your weapons, the key to your health, and the natural weapon you use to fight against bad forces. Probiotics are fearless warriors that can help you overcome the disease!

Probiotics include a variety of friendly microorganisms. From the primitive society, they are helping humans to sustain their lives. However, people really regard them as weapons for protecting health from the beginning of the 20th century. Russian pioneer scientist Ali Michnikov (1845~1916) has greatly promoted this discovery. He found that Bulgarians living in the Caspian Sea have a very long life. After studying the culture of these Bulgarians, Airy discovered the mystery: these Bulgarians always drink a fermented dairy product called Kefir or Lactic Acid. This discovery directly contributed to Airy's book "The Longevity Theory of Everlasting Age", and he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1908. The basic idea in the book is that the absorption of large amounts of probiotics can reduce the harmful bacteria and even eliminate harmful bacteria.

Now we know that Kefir contains many probiotics. Kefir's method is to pour fresh goat's milk into a large bucket and hang it at the door. When people come in and out, they gently push the bucket, which helps to agitate the mixture and speed up the fermentation process. They pour some out every day and then fill the bucket with more milk. In this way, the production process is uninterrupted.

So, isn’t it better for everyone to drink this lactic acid? The problem is that it is difficult to solidify the lactic acid wine. Scientists have tried to separate probiotics from lactic acid, but the results of each experiment are different. So which lactic acid wine should we drink? There is no saying. Even if you choose the right one, it is purely coincidental. Everyone knows that lactic acid wine contains various lactic acid bacteria and yeast. It is difficult to determine which one is good for the body (we will continue to discuss the benefits and details of different probiotics later).

Yogurt is similar to lactic acid, but yogurt also contains many other organisms. The main difference between them is the length of the fermentation time; it is particularly worth noting that only the yoghurt after the complete fermentation process can be eaten.

Is sour cheese and lactic acid wine the only source of probiotics? of course not. Are yogurt and lactic acid wines enough to promote the health of you and your family? Of course not. There are many such products in the store, such as probiotics milk and yogurt, but their probiotic content is not enough compared to the number of harmful bacteria in your body. Many products are added with some active probiotics at the beginning of the production, but most active probiotics are dead when you eat them. Then these products have no effect at all, because science has proven that probiotics need to be as much as harmful bacteria in order to overcome harmful bacteria.

Frankly speaking, Our culture has been telling us to kill bacteria and disinfect them, so it is difficult for us to accept this intentional introduction of bacteria into the body. This problem must be solved. It is important to understand that some bacteria are healthy and friendly, and they can benefit the body every time when they are digested in large amounts.

It has been proven that probiotics can even defeat some terrible bacteria, such as rod-shaped bacteria or anthrax. We can overwhelm the invaders in numbers and drive them out of our bodies.

All substances enter and leave the body through the gastrointestinal tract, rather than entering or leaving the body through the lungs or other parts. In this way, probiotics and other supplements will directly affect the health of the gastrointestinal tract and have an important effect on the long-term health of the entire body. The absorption of nutrients is largely influenced by the number of microbes in the gastrointestinal tract.And this effect is extended to the absorption of minerals such as calcium, but in general we are unaware of the role of these probiotics. We will show the information about probiotics to public to let people know that probiotics can be a powerful tool for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Probiotics also maintain the gastrointestinal tract in daily, and its role in human health will become increasingly important.

If you want to know more about probiotics,please kindly continue to read our article.We will update the information.

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